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Wedding planning checklist before the Big Day | How to plan your wedding on a budget

Wedding planning checklist before the Big Day | How to plan your wedding on a budget

Unlock the ultimate wedding planning checklist for a stress-free big day. From budget tips to venue reservations, make your dream wedding a reality.

It can be really stressful to plan your wedding. It can literally and figuratively steal your breath away to prepare for one of the most significant and unforgettable moments of your life, whether you have a year or a few months to do it. To make the most of your planning time, conserve costs and resources, and still plan the wedding of your dreams, you need all the assistance you can get.

Plan your dream wedding on a budget with our comprehensive wedding planning checklist. Save time, money, and stress before the big day!

The internet offers a wealth of information about inexpensive wedding packages, Filipino wedding planning, and an infinite list of the greatest locations for weddings. Additionally, you can definitely obtain reliable and beneficial wedding information online if you know where to look.

We hope that our comprehensive wedding checklist will assist you in organizing all you need to accomplish leading up to, during, and following your wedding.

Wedding Planning Checklist
Wedding Planning Checklist
Wedding Planning Checklist

Prior to the wedding:

A. Select the day of the wedding.

In order to more accurately predict your schedule for preparation, you must decide when you wish to tie the knot. There are also certain aspects of getting ready for your wedding that have an expiration date, including your marriage license and PSA CENOMAR. Knowing when you are getting married can help you plan when to attend the city hall to submit your marriage license application.

B. Decide on a budget for your wedding.

In the Philippines, the bride and groom often pay for their own wedding expenses. The couple may get financial presents from their godparents and parents to help with expenses. It's critical that you and your future spouse decide on a wedding supplier payment plan and budget.

C. Choose between a civil wedding ceremony and a church wedding.

If you're planning a religious wedding, make sure you reserve a space at the venue. In the event that not, choose the location for the civil ceremony.

Wedding Preparation Guide
Wedding Preparation Guide

Once you've decided on the ideal location for your wedding, reserve the date by paying the reservation fee.

Some couples decide to have their wedding ceremony and reception in one location (such a garden or beach wedding site) to save on costs associated with reservations, styling, and logistics. In this manner, you pay for just one location as opposed to two. Your guests would also benefit from comfort and convenience, especially the elderly, as they wouldn't have to go to a different site for the reception. Find out if your church or the officiating officer can handle this type of wedding.

D. Get ready with the documentations

Prepare the documents required by the city hall and the church, including your legitimate IDs and civil register documents.

Validity of marriage licenses

Only after you've decided on a wedding date should you apply for a marriage license. The marriage license has a 120-day expiration date. In the unlikely event that it expires before you get married, you will need to file for a new one in order to ensure that you have a legal marriage license on the big day.

Copies of your PSA Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) and birth certificate must be submitted in order to obtain a marriage license. City and municipal halls need you to enter an expiration date no older than six months, even though the CENOMAR itself has no such date.

E. Choose whether to hire a coordinator or planner for your wedding.

Choose between hiring a wedding planner for full services (i.e., helping you identify vendors, budgeting your costs, running errands for the wedding, etc.) or only for on-the-day coordination (i.e., helping you manage the wedding program).

Remember to ask your friends and family for assistance as well. This lowers the cost of coordinating.

F. Focus on the ensuing necessities:

Selecting your wedding's theme, motif, and color palette will determine the designs and styles of every other piece.

Get your wedding rings manufactured, or get pre-made ones from reliable jewelry retailers. Make a list of your entourage and reach out to them.

Create a guest list.

How to Plan you Wedding Checklist
How to Plan you Wedding Checklist
How to Plan you Wedding Checklist

G. Vendors and Suppliers you should research and reserve:

Videographer and photographer. Additionally, choose whether or not you want to provide your guests with a photo booth during the reception.

The bride and groom's ceremonial and cocktail wear. Choose who will cover the cost of the entourage's clothing.

providers of dessert bars, mobile bars, and caterers.

stylists for makeup and hair.

wedding cake

Sending out invitations

Party favor handouts and souvenirs.

Just in case you are looking for a Photo and Video team. We have packages that you may like. You can view our rates here. Our Rates

H. Final Preparations for the Big Day

Make sure the RSVP list is complete and send out your invitations.

Ensure that the groomsmen and bridesmaids are dressed in their appropriate clothes and dresses.

Make final alterations and fit the groom's suit and wedding gown.

Put your vows in writing.

Verify that every one of your providers is ready and current.

Wedding Preparation Checklist
Wedding Preparation Checklist
Wedding Preparation Checklist


1. A day prior to the nuptials

1.1 Give your wedding coordinator the last installment and any gratuities. To ensure that your team of vendors doesn't overlook anything, he or she also needs a copy of the whole wedding checklist. Give a copy of the checklist to a friend or family member so they may double-check it.

1.2 Draft your vows, if you haven't already, and maintain a paper copy in addition to a digital backup.

1.3 If there are any last-minute adjustments or modifications, be in regular communication with your wedding coordinators.

2. While the wedding was happening

2.1 Give your wedding organizers (or your chosen family members and friends) all of your errands and to-do list.

2.3 Always have tissue paper, drinking water, mints and balms on hand.

2.4 Unwind and relish your special day!

On the other hand, nothing quite prepares you for something as important and special as your wedding day. Thus, throughout your celebration, maintain a cheerful and upbeat attitude. Cherish every moment you have with your new spouse by putting all your cares and troubles down at the foot of the aisle. Recall that you are getting married, not hosting a stage production. And that's the only thing you have to do on your wedding day—neither more nor less


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